I have done different types of murals, some on textile as wall hangings, and some directly on the wall. 

Here are some examples of murals in children's rooms.

This family lives at the edge of the sea.  These two beach boys, Teano and Hiti, wanted the coral reef right in their bedroom!

The fish are swimming right across their dresser of drawers and up towards the ceiling.

and across the top of the closet

Olivia asked for a pink and purple unicorn with a rainbow and a moon.
And here it is!

"Lovely Lilly Loves Olivia"       Olivia is 5 years old.

Hannah is grown up at 11 and wanted black trees on her white walls to complete her black and white bedroom.

Hannah was surprised with the addition of the colorful lorakeets, which she can move around to different places among the trees.

Wall hangings and murals done on textile.

Inner Office windows
    Before and After

"Making Waves"

A Wedding Backdrop
still on the painting frame



 Silk window covering

creating privacy from the road outside and keeping light inside