Birth of a Star

" Rosi´s intention painting for me has been hanging in my office for 7 years.  From my therapist´s chair, it has been literally in my field of vision on every single therapy session over those years, reminding me of my deepest and highest vision: realizing potentials, both in my clients and in myself. In that sense I feel that I have used the painting as a type of ritualistic anchor. "

 Acrylic on Textile, 2002,  1.5 m x 1.5 m

 Olaf Rademacher, Transpersonal Psychologist

Oslo, Norway


“Phoenix Rising”

“The process with Rosi and my painting is a fantastic journey which continues to fill me with awe and wonder. It has helped me to see
myself in a much wider setting than I had previously thought possible and given me belief in myself and my possibility to be able to contribute to the change which I so strongly desire for us and our world.

And the most fantastic of all is that the painting seems to have the ability to help me to manifest this in my life. The Law of Attraction in practice.”

Acrylic on canvas, 2008

Synnøve Roald,    Metamind,  NLP Master, Life coach, Klinisk Hypnoterapeut,     L P Advanced Practitioner

Oslo, Norway

“Center for Solutions”

 “My painting remains the center of my prayer/meditation room and my guests love to enter that room.  The painting is maintaining its color and vibrance and its purpose to me.  Please know that my painting helps me remember my past and reinvention of my future as I need to.  There have been so many recent external changes that have caused me to make changes. 

My painting helps me to stay focused on my purpose/s in life.  It is so impactful. Thanks for a cherished work of art.”

 Painting from 2004        Acrylic on textile

Carolyn Grovey-Brown, Founder/CEO Center for Solutions    Houston, Texas USA


Clear Intention and its power lies in the vision and image we can develop in our mind.  This process does involve the conscious and the unconscious self as well.  To marry the two in an integrated unit we do need reflection and representation.

Rosi Lovdal's inquiry into our state of intention and her unique capacity to see the meaning of our words embedded in our feelings and images leads her to visualize and paint this vision in this most powerful message, which is a symbol and a painting. Her openness to reflect and revise what we together create offers the opportunity for deep level co-creation.I can whole heartedly recommend her to work with, to create with.”

  in my studio        
   sketch before painting

 Painting from 2008, pastel on paper,

Agota Ruzsa , MD  Dialogos Partners  - coach-facilitator, Director

Learning Organisations for Sustainability,SoL-Hu, chair

Budapest, Hungary

                                 "Both And"

I pause and look at my painting many times each day and it's a feeling of coming home - this is my journey, my purpose. The process of creating it was itself very empowering. Rosi asks questions so thoughtfully and listens so deeply. Seeing the images emerge in my mind was equally exciting. Now I have them in my painting and it's a powerful anchor for me, a source of  pleasure, confidence and affirmation.

sketch before painting

pastel on paper Jan Williams     2008
Therapeutic Trainer, Journey to Wellness

Stockport, England

"Harbour Wood"

"My husband and I and our two sons
did our Inner Portrait for our new home.  In our busy lives it's wonderful to have a reminder of what we've intended for ourselves as a family.  Our guests always ask about our painting as they enter our home, and sharing its meaning with them refreshes for us what our family wishes for ourselves, and for our guests."

I love looking at it at different times of the day as the light changes."

Cook Family 2006

Princeton, NJ  USA

acrylic on textile  9' x 3' (3m x 1m