Inner Portrait

is a custom artistic rendering, a painting, of your personal purpose,
a visual metaphor of that which holds deep meaning for you.

                - discover and clarify
a sense of purpose

               - focus and align through imagery

               - inspire and guide you to manifest your purpose

Inner Portrait
  emerges in three phases:

First; we have a dialogue of inquiry together, a conversation, when I assist you to discover clarity on what deeply interests you. The focus can be anything you choose; your life in general, your career, your family, a new home, a new job, your health, a new phase in your life, even a particular attitude or stance in life. 

During our conversation I take notes. Within the next day or two I will send you a written summary of your statement of intention.

Second; images, symbols and colors naturally emerge during our dialogue which are unique to you and which represent deep meaning for you.

I assist you in uncovering your own unique imagery which supports your intention. I will do a preliminary sketch for your approval in the days following our dialogue.

Third, I create your painting, your symbol of that which has deep meaning for you, that which you want to bring into your reality.

Your Inner Portrait is a powerful and uniquely personal reminder of your own voice of purpose and intention.

"Phoenix Rising"

Inner Portrait acts as a vivid and inspiring guide for what you want
to manifest in your life.

                           What is it that I want to focus on?         

                                       What is it that I long for?

                         What is it that I have a need to do?  Or be?

We each have many stories in us. Often we ourselves have not heard our most dearly held story or purpose.  All of us have the sense that there is something we want to achieve, something we were meant to do, or to be.  A sense of purpose.

In discovering ones sense of purpose we lift ourselves up out of the every day distractions and gain a higher perspective on who we are as an individual.

Inner Portrait is an actual painting which illuminates your purpose and acts as a vivid guide to hold your attention and focus.

When we hold alignment with our purpose through our Inner Portrait, this symbolic painting of our own unique images and emotions, it becomes a guide for us to manifest this in our reality.


             It is our sensory and emotional alignment with our own images

                   which helps us to hold our energy towards that focus.

                We are actually creating a neuro pathway with this image,

                              a visual reminder of a state of mind,

                       to easily access and hold our personal intention.

                                       This is intention in action.