Order Inner Portrait

Please call me to set up a time to begin your Inner Portrait with our dialogue.

                                                                                           NOK 1800,-        ($300.)

We use whatever time is needed to uncover your purpose, your intention, until we sense that you have come to a place of focused clarity. Usually 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

We discuss and agree on the images and colors and symbols which have emerged during our dialogue.

Within the next few days you will receive a written summary of our dialogue for your approval or revision.

I create your painting using your images and colors and symbols which emerged during our dialogue and which uniquely describe your personal intention. I can do a rough sketch for your approval if you like before I begin your actual painting.

ry pastels, on paper          NOK  2500,-     ($400.)

                                Acrylic Paints, on canvas     NOK  5500,-     ($900.)

You can see different paintings done in different medium in Gallery.

The usual size of a painting is 60 cm x 90 cm or 24" x 36".

Since Inner Portrait is a custom art work we can discuss any specific wishes you may have regarding size.