Story Robes

A Story Robe is a garment which tells the story of a person’s life

        -  through type of fabric, textures, cut, “attitude".

        -  through color, photographs, writings and quotes, metaphor and symbol

The point of the Story Robe is that the person has the sense of “putting on my own Story, discovering myself anew”.

MC Richards

MC Richards with her 80 year anniversary Story Robe which shows her writings, poetry, sculpture and her love of the origins of words.  The original words are written on transparent panels which are hidden in the folds of the garment, as she felt they were hidden in our subconscious. The front panel carries 'the continuum' which was her life long 'doodle' as well as actual small sculptures and totems, each a part of her story. 

MC said her robe felt like a Being.

John and Joyce Weir

John and Joyce Weir, at their retirement celebration from the National Training Labs in Bethel, Maine, USA

The Weirs had developed a training lab or workshop in personal development which they had run for decades at NTL and for which they were famous across the United States. John was a clinical psychologist and Joyce was the Founder of the National Association of Dance Therapists.  They were both in their mid 80s at the time of this celebration.

John loved defined concept and Joyce loved fluidity and images.  So his Story Robe had concepts from his written works on the outside of his very structured silk cape.  He also had a very playful side which was figural to his work, so the inside of his Robe had colorful pockets, each one containing a written piece of his life story.

Joyce, as you can see in her stance as an 85 year old dancer, loved movement and spontaneity.  So her silk robe is open and flowing, even the color flowing from deeper blue up to a pale silvery blue. As a young girl she loved doing a treasure hunt which became her symbol for her life's teaching of self development.  She felt that our life's journey was like a treasure hunt. So there is a silver and gold entwined treasure trail connecting archetypical images from birth to death, beginning with a silver goddess in the center of the back and weaving its way around the entire Robe.

John is gold for the Sun, Joyce is silver for the Moon, the Male and Female aspects.

It is an exciting process, beginning with a dialogue, either with the person themselves, or with someone who knows this person well and can tell me their story. It is the most unique gift for someone who is being celebrated, or who is marking a pivotal time in their life.

I bring this personal story forth in beauty, humor, playfulness, magnificent words, concept; with color, photographs, the person's own hand writing; in whatever way this story can be shown and felt.

In a way that reaches the heart of the matter for this person’s Story.