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I would love to tell you about Inner Portrait, this unique creative process I've developed, which will help you first to uncover what has deep meaning for you - your purpose and intention; and then to have an actual painting of your own personal symbols, to help you to hold focus and alignment with your stated purpose. The Art of Intention.

You can see a detailed description of this exciting process by clicking on Inner Portrait on the menu to the left. I also do murals and hand painted garments.

Inner Portrait is my passion now because people so love the result they experience in their lives.   

I had a need to create a process which addresses who we are, as individuals, when we are 'in the light' and not only in our shadow stories which the age of psychology has drawn us to.  Many of us have embraced our difficult stories in order to understand ourselves. An important task.  And now, what is our story 'on the high side"

Here is one example of an Inner Portrait

Phoenix Rising

"The process with Rosi and my painting is a fantastic journey which has filled me with wonder and awe. It has given me belief in myself. The best is that my painting seems to have the ability to help me to manifest this in my life."      S Roald